Teaching is a passion of mine.  Following completion of the pedagogy sequence of training within the Political Science Department at Georgia State University, I worked as a teaching assistant on multiple undergraduate classes for topics such as international political economy and global business development.  Since spring of 2016, I have been the sole instructor of record for numerous courses in introductory international relations and comparative politics. I have developed substantive material, done site programming, and done course management within a technological development team for online and hybrid courses at both the undergraduate and master’s level for students at Georgia State University.

As the instructor of record, I’ve taught multiple sections of POLS 2401/Global Issues since 2015, in classes ranging from 25-120 students in each section. Content included the structure of the international system, international political economy, migration and refugee crises, and environmental policy coordination. Since 2017 I have taught numerous sections of comparative politics. This course includes material on regime type, executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, political parties, conflict and violence, and political economy. We finish the course with case studies of countries in four regions of the world.

In all of my courses, I like to combine reading assignments, interactive in-class group projects, and videos to introduce and engage students with the material. To better facilitate knowledge absorption, a majority of my classes require students to produce an original research paper; the project includes data collection and analysis, and application of political science theory to their specific research question. Students have consistently offered positive feedback on their experience in taking my classes, noting improved sociopolitical awareness, research skills, and academic engagement as a result of the class experience. 


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